Top Quality Marble Mary Queen Of Heaven Statue on Sale CHS-908

Top Quality Marble Mary Queen Of Heaven Statue on Sale CHS-908

This high quality marble Mary Queen of Heaven Statue is made of A-grade natural marble. It has a beautiful shape design and long service life.
Item No: CHS-908
Size: 180cm or Customized Size
Material: Natural Marble Stone
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Service: Customize Acceptably

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Mary statue

We have several wonderful statue designs of our Mary


You will surely find a statue representation among the hundreds of statues here


She appears as the people of each time and place need to see her

Product Description:

This marble┬áMary queen of heaven statue is entirely hand-carved, so every detail and design is delicate and beautiful. The Virgin Mary holds baby Jesus in her arms. And Jesus leaned meekly on Mary’s chest. What a warm picture!


Mary queen of heaven sculpture-Trevi sculpture


In the details, this sculpture is also very careful. For example, the light clothes of the Virgin Mary, the folds of the elbows and wrists, the graceful posture, the cuteness of the baby Jesus, etc. In addition, the pure white high-quality raw material also adds a sense of purity to this statue.


mary queen of heaven statue-Trevi Sculpture


Purely Hand-Carved:

Since ancient times, handmade products have been more delicate and popular than machine operations. All our marble statues are hand-carved by experienced marble artists. They are familiar with every feature of the Virgin, and they are also familiar with the craft of carving. Therefore, each of our religious sculptures are carved with the hearts of the artists. Also, every detail and shape is perfect.


Our lady of Fatima statue-Trevi Sculpture


Different Materials, More Choices:

We have a wealth of marble raw materials, so we have more choices in the appearance of the marble statue of the Virgin. Usually, we support white marbles, such as Hunan white, Sichuan white, Guangxi white, Carrara, etc. Other colors include beige, sunset red, gray and so on. We could design it either as a solid color or as a beautiful colorblock.


marble mary queen of heaven statue-Trevi Sculpture

Our lady of grace statue--Trevi Sculpture


Other Virgin Statues:

In addition to this Mary queen of heaven statue, we also designed other Virgin statues, including our lady of Grace statue, our lady of Fatima statue, our lady of Lourdes statue, our lady of Guadalupe statue, etc. These Virgin statues are of high quality and good price. So, if you are interested in one of the Madonna statues, please contact us for related information.


Our lady of Guadalupe statue-Trevi Sculpture

Our lady of grace statue-Trevi Sculpture

Virgin Mary sculpture-Trevi Sculpture


Trevi specialises in marble carving, producing only the finest marble Catholic Madonna sculptures. You could get in touch with us by leaving a message or by calling directly. Looking forward to cooperating with you.

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