Religious Life Size Marble Our Lady of Fatima Statue for Sale

Religious Life Size Marble Our Lady of Fatima Statue for Sale

This beautiful marble our Lady of Fatima statue for sale is hand-carved from high-quality marble by Trevi’s top artists. Fatima is surrounded by three little shepherd boys, which is very warm.
Item Number: CHS-715
Size: 160cm or customized size
Material: Natural marble, hand carved, polished
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Marble Our Lady of Fatima Statue for Sale:

This marble Our Lady of Fatima statue for sale┬áis gorgeous, Our Lady of Fatima is wearing a robe, standing on the stone with her hands folded, the robe is decorated with golden vines, and there is a golden cross pendant in her hand. Beside her are three shepherd boys kneeling to pray. The little boy is wearing a handsome suit, and the little girl is wearing a white long dress. The boys’ and girls’ clothes are also designed in white and gold matching.

marble our lady of fatima statue details

Marble Fatima Sculpture Application:

This elegant sacred marble Fatima sculpture is very suitable to be placed in the garden of the church for people to pray. At the same time, it could play a good decorative role with the surrounding flowers, plants, and trees. When believers enter the church and see this beautiful marble Fatima sculpture, they would be greatly comforted physically and mentally.

Marble Fatima Sculpture Application

Create A Unique Marble Fatima Sculpture:

You could customize the style, size, and color of the marble Fatima sculpture according to the style of your church. For example, Fatima is wearing a crown and the shepherd boy next to him is standing. The color of the sculpture is pure white, or beige, or you want to use some blue or green accessories design and so on, our team has professional designers who could help you realize it.

various marble fatima statue styles

Devout Catholic Artists:

Trevi artists are all over 40 years old and have been engaged in the fine carving of marble religious sculptures for more than ten years, so they have rich experience. At the same time, they are devout Catholic believers and have been influenced by Catholic culture since childhood, so they are full of awe and more cautious when carving marble religious sculptures.

carving process

Reliable Packaging:

After our many experiments, we finally decided to use double-layer wrapping to package the marble Fatima statue, first wrapping it with thick soft foam and sponge, and secondly wrapping it in a standard 3CM wooden crate to ensure good condition when you receive it.


We also have many other styles of marble Fatima sculptures, please feel free to contact us if you need them.

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