Exquisite Catholic Marble Our Lady of Lourdes Statue for Sale

Exquisite Catholic Marble Our Lady of Lourdes Statue for Sale

This marble Our Lady of Lourdes statue was hand-carved and polished by devout Catholic artists in Trevi. The Virgin has her hands clasped together and wears a blue bowknot around her waist. It is very exquisite and gorgeous.
Item No: CHS-818
Style: Catholic Religious Statue
Place Of Origin: Hebei, China
Package: Strong Wooden Crate
Technique: Art-quality Hand Carved, Polished

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Our Lady of Lourdes Details:

This Marble Our Lady of Lourdes statue is life-size, with the Lourdes wearing a white robe and dress. The edge of the robe is dazzling gold, and the bottom of the long skirt is two golden roses. The Lourdes has her hands clasped together, smiling, with a cross pendant hanging on her hand and a large blue bowknot tied around her waist. The color of the beads is yellow and white, and the style of the bowknot is flowing.

marble lourdes statue

Our Lady of Lourdes Introduction:

Our Lady of Lourdes is the title of the Virgin Mary. Since she appeared in Lourdes, France, the Roman Catholic Church has worshiped her with this title. Between February 1858 and July 1858, the Virgin Mary appeared in Lourdes a total of 18 times. People respect Our Lady of Lourdes very much, so marble statues of Our Lady of Lourdes could often be seen in Catholic churches or in the gardens and courtyards of Catholic believers.

our lady of lourdes statue

Provide Customized Services:

Trevi has professional designers who could meet your various customization needs. Color, style, and size could all be changed according to your needs. For example, changing the color of the bowknot to green, changing the color of the entire sculpture to white, or painting the surface of the sculpture with colorful colors, etc. Our designers could visualize your ideal through 3D and CAD drawings.

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Various High-quality Marble Materials:

Trevi factory has marble raw materials in many colors, such as white, black, gold, red, etc. Marble of different colors could give you more choices. Each color of marble is purely natural and carefully selected by us. The marble is durable and has a beautiful color.

marble material

Devout Catholic Artists:

Trevi’s artists are devout Catholic believers and have been influenced by Catholic culture since childhood, so they love Catholic marble statues very much and are full of awe. At the same time, our artists have top carving skills, and every detail of the marble statue is highly polished, such as the fingers, the folds of the dress, the Virgin’s facial expression, etc., making the marble Our Lady of Lourdes sculpture lifelike.

devout Catholic artists

If you are looking for quality marble Mary statue manufacturers, Trevi is your best choice.

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