Church Ornament Our Lady Queen Of Peace Statue CHS-091

Church Ornament Our Lady Queen Of Peace Statue CHS-091

This our lady queen of peace statue is made of 100% natural marble. It has high quality and decorative value. Welcome to contact us if you want to purchase it.
Item Number: CHS-091
Size: 180cm(71”) or customized size
Material: Natural marble
Produce Time:7-35 days
Delivery time: 15-35 days
Packing: Wooden crate

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Mary statue

We have several wonderful statue designs of our Mary


You will surely find a statue representation among the hundreds of statues here


She appears as the people of each time and place need to see her

Church Statue Features:

Our lady queen of peace statue is a image of woman standing with a hand hanging. Once you notice her at a glance, you would be amazed by her elegant temperament. Trevi uses 100% natural marble to carve it. As we all know, natural marble has a good quality and it is easy to carve. Therefore, the carved statue has vivid expression. Moreover, our sculpt artists’ professional carving skills could make it more beautiful.

our lady queen of peace statue--Trevi Statue


Show Details:

Trevi’s marble religious sculptures have always been known for their high quality. Under the hands of our sculptors, each marble church sculpture is at its best. The pure white marble makes the Virgin more elegant and noble. Moreover, the smooth engraving design maximizes its decorative value.

our lady queen of peace statue-Trevi Statue (2)

Mary and child statue-Trevi Statue


Other Virgin Statues:

The elegant and beautiful statue of the Virgin has always been loved by everyone. In addition to this our lady queen of peace statue, we have also carved our lady of Grace statue, our lady of  Guadalupe and more. These Virgin statues are just as beautiful and delicate. Each would bring a different feel to your garden or home or even your church.

marble may statue-Trevi Statue

marble may statue--Trevi Statue


Support Customization:

Our customization services include adjustments in color, material, style, and size. If you want a tabletop Madonna sculpture decoration, we could design a small size statue for you. At the same time, we could also make large outdoor sculptures of the Virgin Mary. In short, no matter what kind of needs you have, we would meet you.

Our lady of grace statue-Trevi Statue

virgin mary statue-Trevi Statue

More marble Catholic statues are waiting for you to explore. Come to trevi to start your new journey about marble statues.

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